7 Job Search Websites to Help You Change Careers

Embarking on a career switch can be an exciting but challenging journey. However, navigating this transition becomes more manageable with the right resources and guidance.

Websites specifically tailored for career switchers can give you invaluable support on your new journey. Let’s explore some of the best job search websites for career switchers that will help you find fulfilling work in the right industry.

Career Shifters website

Looking for a new career is often a lonely affair. Career Shifters is the platform for you if you want to be part of a supportive community while changing jobs. Composed of individuals who have personally experienced career disillusionment, the Career Shifters team created the platform to address the lack of support they once faced.

The website offers an array of features to guide you through your transition journey. Online workshops, facilitated by expert career coaches, help individuals identify exciting and viable career options. The Career Change Launch Pad, an immersive 8-week online course, aims to provide clarity, confidence, and direction as you expand your horizons. Intensive, tailored support for senior professionals and executives is also available through the website.

If you’re not a career shifter but know someone who is, check out the website’s gift card options. Gift these vouchers to your friends and help them navigate their career change through workshops and masterclasses. By combining a unique methodology with practical resources, Career Shifters equips you with the necessary mindset for a successful transition.

meetup website

Looking for a job becomes easier if you have the right network. If you haven’t found your tribe, try signing up for Meetup. The platform helps you find new friends and connections based on shared interests. By joining relevant meetup groups, career switchers can tap into a professional community while expanding their skills.

Start by searching for career transition Meetup groups where you can find support from like-minded individuals and learn some networking tips for career success. These groups host various events daily, from professional development workshops to industry-specific bootcamps.

If you’re leaving your corporate job to start your own business, join an entrepreneurship group. You can also participate in events that help you learn new skills such as data analytics, financial planning, and sales. And if none of these groups interest you, you can even start your own.

career confidence job search website

Career Confidence is a nonprofit organization that helps career switchers streamline their job search. With a nationwide network, this platform offers free webinars hosted on Meetup and other resources to help job seekers improve their skills.

Career Confidence also provides support through its network of volunteers. Once you find a job, consider paying it forward and becoming a social media ambassador, expert speaker, or seminar organizer for the organization.

Additionally, Career Confidence is a faith-based platform. By providing both education and Christian encouragement, the site empowers career switchers to pursue new opportunities confidently.

Occupational Outlook Handbook website

If you’re looking for ways to start a career in a new industry, the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) can help you. Provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the website offers comprehensive information on a wide range of occupations to help you make an informed decision.

An invaluable tool for those exploring potential career options, OOH is helpful for those in the research stage of their transition. You can browse occupation groups or search for specific occupations, identifying the industries and roles aligned with your skills and interests.

If you’re looking for detailed information about a role, this website is for you. OOH covers details such as job responsibilities, work environment, education requirements, training, pay scales, job outlook, and sources of additional information.

Since OOH has over 300 occupational profiles, we recommend taking one of the free career aptitude tests available online first. Afterward, you can further trim down your choices by researching each job’s details on this website.

Path Forward job search website for career transitioners

Finding a job after a career break isn’t easy. How do you explain that gap in your resume and convince employers that you still have what it takes to become a valuable contributor? If you can relate to this situation, Path Forward can help you.

Path Forward helps professionals who took a career break for caregiving to re-enter the workforce. They connect job seekers with employers who support their return to work, offering job opportunities and returnships with partner companies.

Path Forward provides a weekly newsletter featuring career advice and job alerts tailored to the needs of career returners. The platform also offers resources to enhance job search skills, such as resume writing and interview preparation.

If you’re a professional who went on a career break, your career journey hasn’t ended yet. Job search websites like Path Forward can connect you with supportive employers so that you can make a successful comeback into the workforce.

escape the city job search website for career shifters

It’s no secret that the corporate grind can often lead to burnout. Escape the City is designed for career switchers looking to break free from traditional corporate jobs and explore alternative opportunities. The platform serves as a community of purpose-driven individuals and progressive employers.

Escape the City offers a range of resources to support career transitions. Their job search page features opportunities for career switchers to find roles aligned with their interests and values. The platform also provides skills boot camps in various industries, such as digital marketing, wildlife management, fashion, and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, you can join events that cover topics like the psychology of change, creating engaging videos using your smartphone, and staying focused at work. By providing access to a wealth of resources, Escape the City empowers you to explore new paths beyond your office cubicle.

the muse job search website

The Muse is one of the go-to websites for expert job advice, insights, and resources. It offers informative articles and career coaching from industry professionals, helping you navigate the complexities of changing careers. From finding the best resume templates to writing cover letter examples and acing your online interview, The Muse has most–if not all–your job search questions covered.

Aside from career guidance, the platform provides inside access to a wide range of industries and companies. You can look for jobs in your dream company and explore company profiles before you hit the apply button. By providing a rich and easily accessible online resource, The Muse can support your journey to find fulfilling work.

Explore Job Search Websites to Successfully Change Careers

A career switch is a transformative journey that requires the right resources and support. Whether through nonprofit assistance, networking opportunities, career guidance, occupational information, returnship programs, or a community of like-minded individuals, these platforms provide the tools you need to discover new paths in your career.

The job search websites above offer unique features and support systems to help you confidently navigate your transition. For more guidance, also read resources on how to successfully make the change to a new career. Some easy-to-follow steps should help you get started.