50 Outdoor Business Ideas to Start in 2023

You don’t need to spend all day cooped up in an office to run a successful business. In fact, there are many outdoor business ideas that could help you create a successful career while enjoying nature. Here are some options to consider.

What is an outdoor business?

An outdoor business could include any operations that can be completed at least partially outdoors. Some businesses may be run completely outside, while others may require a bit of indoor time for clerical tasks or marketing.

Why should you start your own business outdoors?

If you’re thinking of starting a business in 2023, here are some reasons to consider the outdoor business ideas below:

  • Enjoy time in nature: Many people enjoy spending time outdoors. And nature can benefit both your physical and mental health.
  • Save money: Without a dedicated building, it may be less expensive to start your business.
  • Gain location flexibility: Many outdoor business ideas can also be run from various locations. So you could travel or choose where to run your operations.
  • Latch onto popular industries: There are many outdoor business ideas that are part of increasingly popular industries like wellness and travel.
  • Choose from various business types: There are many types of businesses that can be run mainly in outdoor spaces. So you can choose those that are most relevant to your interests and those you have good knowledge about.

outdoor business ideas

What is the best outdoor business to start?

There are many outdoor business ideas that suit various interests and skill sets. If you’re looking to start a lucrative business that can work in nearly any market, consider options like landscaping or outdoor cleaning services.

Best Ideas for Outdoor Businesses

If you want to start your own business but don’t want to be chained to a desk, there are plenty of profitable business ideas you can run mainly outside. Here are some of the best outdoor business ideas for you to consider in 2023.

1. Gardening and Landscaping Business

A landscaping service can be a very lucrative business opportunity that offers various services to potential customers. You may focus mainly on lawn mowing and maintenance, or you could do gardening or complete landscaping overhauls.

2. Campground

Campgrounds offer space for campers to rent alongside various outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and bonfires. This type of business may require significant space but is a mainstay in the outdoor industry.

3. Golf Course

A golf course can be a profitable venture for those who are able to put in some time and investment into designing the course. Earn money through tee times, equipment rentals, and special events.

4. Summer Camp

With some space and fun outdoor activities for kids, you can start the perfect summer camp that campers will return to year after year.

5. Mobile Car Wash

Offer mobile car washing services to local drivers where you travel to their location to provide car wash and detailing.

6. Tour Guide Business

If you’re based in an area that’s popular with tourists and want to explore travel business ideas, start your own tour guide service where you show visitors around or provide information from a mobile kiosk.

7. Dog Walking

Dog walking is an in-demand service in nearly every market. And you need almost nothing to get started. Just post signs or connect with local pet owners online.

8. Trail Guide

Offer to show locals or visitors around on their hiking trips. Provide walking tours of local trails or provide maps and other resources.

9. Marina

If you have some space on a body of water, offer a marina where boat owners can rent space to store their boats or launch them into the water.

10. Ski Lessons

Those in winter destinations can make money by offering ski lessons in partnership with ski resorts or local organizations that specialize in outdoor recreation.

11. Outdoor Equipment Rentals

Rent out equipment to locals or visitors that they can use for outdoor activities or projects. This may include kayaks and canoes for those on water or specialized landscaping equipment for those in residential communities.

12. Adventure Sports Park

Offer a space where people can come to enjoy various outdoor adventure sports like rock climbing or zip lining.

13. Landscape Photographer

Photographers can make money photographing clients outdoors or simply shoot images of beautiful scenery and sell those photos online.

14. Landscape Designer

Those with a vast knowledge of design can help homeowners and businesses create custom landscape design plans to maximize their outdoor spaces.

15. Ice Cream Stand

If you’re looking for classic small-town business ideas, start an ice cream stand that serves customers from a small cart or window.

16. Farmers Market Vendor

If you grow food or produce small consumer goods, approach local organizations about starting a farmers market where you can sell your products from an outdoor stand.

17. Boat Rentals

Those in the boating industry can either rent vessels to licensed boaters or offer boat hiring, where people can pay for a boat, captain, and crew for a set period. Many people also rent boats for special events.

18. Dog Training Service

If you love working with animals, start a small outdoor training facility where you work with dogs on tricks and obedience.

19. Outdoor Events Venue

Dedicate an outdoor space to use for events like weddings, carnivals, or festivals.

20. Animal Rental Service

Rent animals for events, petting zoos, pony rides, or various occasions.

21. Tree Service

If you’re looking for mostly offline business ideas that require lots of outdoor time, consider starting a tree service. You can help landowners plant trees, care for mature trees, and even remove diseased trees from their properties.

22. Plant Nursery

Grow plants or source them from local providers and then start a small nursery or greenhouse where consumers can purchase them.

23. Produce Farm

If you have significant outdoor space, look into produce that grows well in your climate and start your own farm. Organic produce has been especially in demand over the past decade. And you can sell products to wholesalers or open up your own farm stand to sell directly to consumers.

24. Horse Stable

If you prefer working with animals, start a horse stable where riders can rent space or learn how to interact with horses.

25. Livestock Farm

Farmers may also choose to focus on livestock. There are various animals you can raise for meat, dairy, or other resources.

26. Junk Cleanup Service

Offer hauling and junk removal services to homeowners, businesses, and construction crews. This type of work often requires time both indoors and outdoors.

27. Power Washing Service

Invest in power washing equipment to clean off building exteriors, concrete, and other outdoor surfaces and hard-to-reach spots.

28. Bicycle Repair Service

Offer bicycle repair services out of a garage, or provide mobile services where you travel to customers with the right equipment and parts.

29. Pool Cleaning Service

Offer pool cleaning services throughout the summer. This can be a lucrative business opportunity since it often involves lots of repeat clients.

30. Roofing Company

For those interested in providing home services, roofing is always in-demand. And crews spend the vast majority of their time outdoors.

31. House Painting Service

House painting is another home service that often includes tons of outdoor time, though some painters provide interior services as well. Entrepreneurs who want to maximize time in the great outdoors could focus solely on exterior painting.

32. Window Washing Service

With a window washing service, you can provide both interior and exterior options, but businesses and building owners with lots of stories and hard-to-reach windows often pay a premium for this service.

33. Fence Company

Install fences for local homeowners and businesses. This requires access to various equipment and some basic construction knowledge. This can be its own business plan or be an additional service for a larger contracting business.

34. Outdoor Fitness Classes

Help local fitness enthusiasts get exercise while enjoying some fresh air. Everything from CrossFit to yoga can be offered outdoors.

35. Hunting Guide

If you’re looking for popular rural business ideas, consider providing services as a hunting guide. You can rent space and/or lead people through the area. This is part of small-town business ideas that can bring revenues to areas looking for economic growth.

36. Christmas Tree Farm

Those looking for vacant land business ideas could plant evergreen trees and then make extra money throughout the winter by welcoming visitors who want to cut down their own Christmas trees.

37. Flea Market

Flea markets are popular in many communities. Start your own or offer various goods as a vendor if there are already popular options in your area.

38. Snow Clearing Service

During winter, clear snow for homeowners and businesses in exchange for a small fee.

39. Pet Cleanup Business

You can also charge pet owners a fee for cleaning up their yards on an ongoing basis.

40. Fishing Guide

Those who live near water can earn income by taking fishermen out on boats with them and serving as a guide to the area.

41. Winery

Grow your own grapes and welcome visitors for tours and/or outdoor wine-tasting events.

42. Woodworking

If you’re looking for backyard business ideas, consider setting up a small woodworking shop where you can create various products, from custom millwork to furniture.

43. Adventure Club

An adventure club can include various activities for the outdoors-loving entrepreneur and others in their area. Guide people on various excursions, from biking tours to adventure trips.

44. Courier Service

Start a courier or delivery service where you take documents or packages to people and businesses. These couriers often travel by foot or bike.

45. Pest Control Service

Offer pest control treatments for homeowners and businesses. This often involves inspecting and treating both the inside and outside of buildings.

46. Mobile Advertising

Offer mobile advertising space on a car, bike, or other surfaces that you can move around town. This may involve connecting with relevant businesses online. But then you simply display your ad wherever you travel outdoors.

47. Sports Coaching

Those interested in sports business ideas can offer individual or small group coaching for specific sports. For example, you may serve as a private tennis instructor or a pitching coach who works with young kids looking to improve between seasons.

48. Driving School

Help teens and adults learn to drive while you travel around town with them and participate in parking and driving tests. States generally regulate these schools and testing bodies, so check with your local government to make sure you meet the relevant requirements.

49. Towing Service

Entrepreneurs with a tow truck can also start a roadside assistance business to help those needing a tow or various other services like a jump start or tire change.

50. Coffee Cart

Start your own coffee cart that you can wheel around town to serve people on the go throughout your community. You’ll likely need a local vendor license. But these companies keep costs low and can travel to various high-traffic areas.

What outdoor businesses are in high demand?

Landscaping and home service businesses like roofers are consistently in high demand since people need these services regularly. Trending outdoor business ideas in 2023 include those surrounding wellness, like outdoor workout classes or organic farming businesses.

What business can you start in your backyard?

You can start a small garden or workshop business from your backyard. For example, you may grow herbs and vegetables to sell at a local farmer’s market. Or start a wood shop where you create furniture and decor to sell.

What is the easiest small business to start outdoors?

The easiest businesses to start outdoors are usually service-based companies that require little to no equipment. For example, offer to walk dogs in your neighborhood, or offer pet cleanup services to busy pet lovers.

What outdoor business can you start with little money?

There are several outdoor small businesses that require little to no upfront investment, including dog walking, hiking guides, and mobile car washing.

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